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Alamut is the name of a legendary mountainous region to the north west of Iran’s capital, Tehran. Walled by the majestic mountains of Alborz Mountain Range, Alamut Region is located between the fertile plains of Qazvin Province and the lush jungles of Mazandaran Province in the north of Iran. Aside from the fascinating history of Alamut, it’s the amazing nature of this region that makes many adventurous tourists to take the windy Alamut Road and enjoy the numerous rivulets, ponds and lakes.


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Alamut , Hotels in Alamut

Alamut’s Castle of Assassins

One of the most interesting tourist attractions in Alamut is The Castle of Assassins in this region. For years this castle was the stronghold of a political and religious resistance that was founded by an extraordinarily smart character called Hassan-i Sabbah. As a matter of fact, the English word assassin comes from the ancient Persian word Hashshashin. The Hashshashins were professional assassins hired by Hassan-i Sabbah to assassinate the key figures of the state. It is believed that the word Hashshashin (cannabis taker) was used by Hassan’s enemies as a derogatory word to refer to his followers.

Alamut , Hotels in Alamut

Hotels in Alamut

There are very few hotels in Alamut and among the hotels we have enlisted here, some are seasonal hotels and we urge the foreign tourists who have plans to travel to this region to book their hotel in advance.

How to Go to Alamut?

Take the buses leaving for Qazvin at Tehran’s West Bus Terminal (Terminal-e Gharb). It will take you an hour and half to get to Qazvin. Then, at the bus terminal in Qazvin take a taxi to Alamut. You can book your bus ticket to Alamut.

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Alamut , Hotels in Alamut

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