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2 People & 2 Days_Varzaneh Desert

1.Tour’s Activities : Desert Tours
2.Tour’s Location : Varzaneh
3.Package Code : DVar22
4.Organizer : IranTours
5.Length of Tour : 2 Day(s)
6.Number of Tourists: 2 Person(s)
7.Price(for the whole tour package) : $ 350 US dollars
8.Including Costs : Your transportation from any hotel in Isfahan to Varzaneh and back + One night of accommodation at a guesthouse in Varzaneh+ Your meals.
9.Excluding Costs : -
10.Package Description

Iran Varzaneh Desert Tour

Varzenh Desert in Iran is one of the most beautiful deserts in this country. It is located at a distance of around 15 km to the south of Varzaneh city in Isfahan province. Now, there are two major reasons that Iran Varzaneh Tours are among the most popular Iran tour packages; first, Varzaneh desert and its golden sand dunes are spectacular. Second, and in terms of distance, this is the most convenient Iran desert tour one can take. While taking an Iran Garmeh tour one would have to drive for 5 to 6 hours, it'll take you around an hour an half to reach Varzaneh from Isfahan.

Iran Varzaneh Desert

1. Unlike our Iran Maranjab desert tours that start from Tehran, our two-day-and-one-night Vazaneh tours start from Isfahan. So, at your desired pickup time in the morning, our professional Iranian tour operator picks you up from your hotel in Isfahan and you'll head to Varzaneh straightaway. It'll take you around 90 minutes to reach Vrazneh that is located at a distance of 110 km to the east of Isfahan city.

Iran Varzaneh Desert

2. You'll check in at a traditional hotel in Varzaneh, drop your luggage and will go on a sightseeing tour in Varzaneh which is quite an ancient city. Varzaneh Ghoortan Citadel, Jameh Mosque in Varzaneh, Yusefi Traditional House, Pigeon Tower, etc. are among the list of historic sights in the city.

Iran Varzaneh Desert

3. Around an hour before sunset, you'll head to Varzaneh Desert and will take some pictures with the beautiful sunset over the sand dunes.

4. You'll go back to your guesthouse in Varzaneh to eat dinner and sleep for the night.

5. Early in the morning of the next day, you'll head to the desert for a second time to do some camel riding and to visit Varzaneh Salt Lake.

Iran Varzaneh Desert

Iran Varzaneh Desert

6. You'll head back to Isfahan and to your hotel in this city.

7. This Iran tour package includes all your costs on this trip i.e. your transportation, your accommodation and your meals.

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- Please make sure you read Iran Tours booking details and in case of further questions contact us through Iran Tours Contacts.

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