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Dizin Hotel in Dizin

Hotel in Dizin; Dizin Hotel

Dizin Ski Resort is the largest and most professional ski resort not only in Iran, but in the Middle East. The international ski federation has officially recognized this ski resort as suitable for professional ski competitions. Since it’ll take me a while here to tell you how Dizin Ski Resort is good and all, and I have already talked about the resort’s upsides in my other articles, I’d like to talk about one of the common concerns of the skier who ski at this resort every year. As you know, Dizin Ski Resort is way out of Tehran at the heart of Alborz Mountain Range and leaving Tehran in a taxi, it’ll take you around three hours to get there through Chalous Road. So it’s not a very good idea to make this trip a one day trip, and in fact many of the skiers look for a hotel in Dizin to stay there for the night and ski for a second or third day. And there is no doubt that Dizin Hotel in Dizin is the most convenient hotel in this region specialties in terms of location. Furthermore, the view of the majestic mountains this hotel in Iran offers to its guests is truly unforgettable.

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Hotel in Dizin , Hotel in Iran

Hotel in Dizin , Hotel in Iran

Hotel in Dizin; Dizin Hotel 1 and Dizin Hotel 2

Dizin Hotel in Dizin is most preferable because of its location; it is just a short walk to the base station of the gondola lift that takes you to the top of the resort. Some people think there are two hotels in Dizin at the bottom of the slopes; Dizin Hotel 1 and Dizin Hotel 2. But it’s not true; as a matter of fact these two buildings are under the same management and belong to the accommodation complex there i.e. the one and only Dizin Hotel. Furthermore, this hotel in Dizin has more than just two buildings.

Hotel in Dizin , Hotel in Iran

Hotel in Dizin; The Chalets

Just around the two buildings of Dizin Hotel, and under the same management, there are other accommodation facilities in the style of traditional chalets in Switzerland. These chalets are more comfortable and so more popular, but they’re slightly more expensive than the rooms in the two buildings.

Dizin Hotel’s Rates:

Type of Room

Rates per Night

Single/Double/ Twin-bed Rooms


Three-bed Rooms(3 beds)


Four-bed Rooms(4 beds)


Suites; 2 bedrooms with 4 beds


Small Chalets; 2 bedrooms with 4 beds


Big Chalets; 2 bedrooms with 5 beds


Note: Breakfast is not included in the rates.


Hotel in Dizin , Hotel in Iran

Book a Room at Dizin Hotel

Hotel in Dizin , Hotel in Iran

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le Dantec on 2/4/2017
Hi we are looking for an accomodation from the 25 of February to the 2nd of March 2017. We are a family of 5 people. Would you have availability ? Which prices for 5 nights? And you offers different possibilities, can you please writ me all of them. thannks Regards oliver

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Dear Mr. Oliver,

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Thank you very much for you interest in our services. But the section you used to ask your question is meant only for comments and reviews. Please refer to the contact us menu on our website and ask your question there.

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Dizin Ski Resort

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Dizin Hotel is the closest accommodation facility to the amazing Dizin Ski Resort in Iran. Book a room online and bask in the majesty of the Alborz Mountain Range.


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