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Gajereh Hotel in Dizin

Gajereh Hotel in Dizin

Although Dizin Hotel is big enough to accommodate a large number of guests, it happens frequently that all the rooms at the hotel are booked and the dog-tired skiers are forced to look for rooms in another hotel in Dizin. So, even though we advise you to book your room in advance at Dizin Hotel, we’d like to give you some info about Gajereh Hotel in Dizin which can be even more recommendable in some aspects. This hotel in Iran is in fact the second most popular hotel in the Region.

Book a Room at Gajereh Hotel in Dizin

Hotel in Dizin , Hotel in Iran

Distance From Dizin Ski Resort

Compared to Dizin Hotel and despite a distance of around 3 km between Gajereh Hotel in Dizin and Dizin Ski Resort, this hotel provides its guests with better rooms, better service, and also lower rates. As far as the problem of the distance is concerned, you can easily ask the receptionist at Gajereh Hotel in Dizin to take a taxi for you and it’ll cost you around 2 Euros tops to go to the resort; it’s just only 3 km. Gajereh hotel in Dizin is more recommendable especially on weekends when there are too many people staying at Dizin Hotel and the quality of the service is not as it should be.

Hotel in Dizin , Hotel in Iran

Despite its lower rates compared to those at Dizin Hotel, Gajereh Hotel in Dizin has better facilities. The buildings are much nicer, it has a better restaurant and better food and unlike Dizin Hotel, breakfast is included in the rates. Gajereh Hotel in Dizin offers sports and recreational facilities as well; there is a nice indoor swimming pool, sauna, and also a large room for games like billiard, ping pong and soccer table.

Gajereh Hotel in Dizin’s Rates:

Type of Room

Rates per Night

Single/Double/ Twin-bed Rooms


Three-bed Rooms(3 beds)


Suites with 4 beds


Note: Breakfast is included in the rates.


Book a Room at Gajereh Hotel in Dizin


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le Dantec on 2/4/2017
We are 5 people We would like to know if you have availability from the 25th of February to the 2nd of March 2017. Thanks for your answer. Regards Oliver

Just Comments

Dear Mr. Oliver,

The section you used to ask your question is meant only for comments and reviews. Please refer to the contact us menu on our website and ask your question there.


Marcin on 9/16/2016
Hi, Looking for double room for two adult persons. From 13/12 till 21/12. Please send me the price. Also need to know are ski lifts and ski runs working in December? P.S. I`m from Poland BR Marcin
Admin: Hi, thank you very much for your interest. To get informed about the availability status of this accommodation facility you will have to either contact us through the website’s “Contact Us” menu, or make a reservation through the hostel/hotel’s reservation form and receive an immediate reply from us. This part of the website is meant only and only for reviews and comments.

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