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Seven Hostel in Dizin

Seven Hostel in Dizin

Dizin attracts thousands of skiers every winter and there has been an ever-growing interest Iran Dizin Ski Resort among European ski lovers. Many of them claim Iran skiing experience on Dizin slopes is even better than that in the Alps. Now, with Dizin Hotel and its chalets being the only accommodation facilities located right next to the resort, Seven Hostel in Dizin is located at a distance of 4 km to the complex. But there is no need to be worried at all; this hostel in Iran provides all its guests with free transportation service from the hostel to the resort every morning, and back to the hostel every afternoon. Aside from offering rates that are way lower than those of Dizin and Gajereh Hotel in Dizin, Seven Hostel offers something you can never experience at the big hotels of big cities in Iran; an intimate, friendly, and international atmosphere whose warmth is in sharp contrast with the freezing air outside.

Seven Hostel in Dizin

Seven Hostel in Dizin Reservation

Dizin Hostels Facilities and Rates

The group's Dizin hostel is the only hostel in Dizin. The building which is in fact a villa, has perfect heating system with radiators in all the rooms and also a fire place in the living room whose pleasant heat along with the cracking sound of the fire is quite relaxing. There are both dorm beds and private rooms at the hostel. And the rooms prices include breakfast, internet, and transportation from the hostel to resort and back. There are three bathrooms and showers in the whole villa in which you can enjoy a warm shower after returning from the slopes. As far as the internet at the hostel in concerned, since Dizin is a mountainous region, the internet service provided there is very slow and is hardly good enough for texting on What's App or other chat apps.

Seven Hostel in Dizin

Transportation to Dizin Ski Resort Hostel

Regarding transportation to Dizin Ski Resort Hostel, there are two options; the cheap option is to go to West Bus Terminal in Tehran (See Tehran Metro Map), take Chalus buses, get off the bus at Dizin exit in the middle of Chalus road, and then hitch a lift or take a taxi there to Velayat Rud Village in which the hostel is located. The second option, which is more expensive but more convenient, is to use Dizin taxi services offered by Iran Tourists Transportation Service. Their rate for a pick-up service from IKIA to Dizin or the other way is 80 USD, and from any hostel in Tehran or hotel in Tehran to Dizin is 50 USD. We recommend you to book your pick-up service through this company because of two important reasons; first, Seven Hostel has been started recently and so it's not easy for the drivers who do not know the region very well to find the location of the hostel. Second, it might rarely happen, but we don't want to hear that you have been ripped off by the few cunning Iranian divers who would either overcharge you or take you to the wrong hotel with the purpose of pocketing a commission from that hotel. As far as the management of this hostel is concerned, Dizin hostel is run by a professional Iranian tour guide called Mohammadreza Nowruzi who speaks very good English and knows the tourist attractions in Iran better than anybody alive in this country.

Seven Hostel in Dizin

Seven Hostel in Dizin

Hostel in Dizin; Address and Directions

Seven Hostel in Dizin is located in a village called Velayat Rud that is 4 km to the ski resort. Heading to Dizin from Chalus Road, you'll see the village's houses along the road to the resort and near the end of village there is a tall building known as Noh-Tabaghe or Sepid Building. The hostel is located right next to this building and its sign is a big red 7 which is the group's logo. To help you more with the directions, below you can see the hostel's GPS coordinates, the address in English and Persian, and also the link to the contact us page.

GPS Coordinates: 36.078733, 51.384979

Address in English: Seven Hostel in Dizin, Next to Noh-Tabaghe (Sepid) Building, Near the End of the Village, Velayat Rud Village, Dizin Exit, Chalus Road, Karaj.

Address in Persian:

کرج، جاده چالوس، روستای ولایترود، جنب ساختمان نه طبقه(سپید) ، خانه سون در دیزین

What's App/Phone Number: 00989353836810

SevenHostels Group's Contacts



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Seven Hostel in Dizin   Seven Hostel in Dizin   Seven Hostel in Dizin   Seven Hostel in Dizin

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le Dantec on 2/4/2017
Hi we are a family of 5 people. We are looking for a good accomodation with good services. We plan to comme from the 25th of February to the 2nd of March 2017. Would you have any availability? Which prices? Thanks for your answer Regards oliver

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Dear Mr. Oliver,

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Renaud on 1/29/2017
Hello, How long far is the hostel from the ski resort ? Easy to go to ski? Thanks !! Renaud My e-mail

Service Available

Dear Mr. Renaud .

Inquiry Code: 768



It's around 4 kilometers far from the resorts but Seven hostel in Dizin is providing free transportation from the hostel to resorts. 

Kind Regards

Deviashina on 1/20/2017
?? ????? ????????????? ????? ? ??????. ????????!

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Dear Mr. M.

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