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Amaday Hostel in Hamadan

Amaday Hostel in Hamadan

There is an absolutely amazing and less explored alternative tourist route to the usual Tehran > Kashan > Isfahan > Shiraz > Yazd > Tehran route and that is Tehran > Qazvin > Hamadan > Kurdistan > Kermanshah > Ilam >Tehran route. The tourists visiting Iran who take this alternative route get to visit the Iranian cities that lay along the magnificent Zagros Mountains. The city of Hamadan in Iran, i.e. the third stop on the route is one of the oldest cities not only in Iran but in the world. Hamadan was occupied by Assyrians in 1100 BC and was the capital of the Medes in 700 BC. This ancient city is located at a distance of around 360 km to southwest of Tehran, and being located to the east of the majestic Alvand Mountain (3850 m high), Hamadan's weather is temperate and pleasantly cool. Aside from the interesting tourist attractions in Hamadan city itself, there is fascinating mountainous scenery within short drive out of the urban area. Now, Amaday Hostel in Hamadan was the first hostel in this city, and just like most of the popular hostels in Iran it offers a relaxing, homelike, and traditional vibe to its guests. This hostel in Hamadan is located in a central neighborhood of the city and so not only does it offer easy access to the historic sights, but also the city's bus terminal which is within 10-min walking distance.

Amady Hostel in Hamadan Reservation

Amaday Hostel in Hamadan

Amaday Hostel in Hamadan

Traditional Guesthouse in Hamadan

Amaday Hostel is in fact a traditional guesthouse in Hamadan that offers budget accommodation in a traditional style. The whole building offers 6 spacious suites that comprise this Hamadan Hostel's dorms and private rooms. There is a very beautiful courtyard at the hostel where the guests can relax, drink hot and cold drinks and enjoy live traditional Iranian music. Taking a one-day tour in Hamadan one can visit all the popular tourist spots among which I can refer to Avicenna Mausoleum, Tomb of Esther and Mordecai, Tomb of Baba Taher, Ecbatana, etc.

Amaday Hostel in Hamadan

Amaday Hostel in Hamadan


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Amaday Hostel in Hamadan   Amaday Hostel in Hamadan   Amaday Hostel in Hamadan   Amaday Hostel in Hamadan

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