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Three-Day Alamut Valley Hiking Tour

1.Tour’s Activities : Hiking Tours
2.Tour’s Location : Alamut
3.Package Code : HiAl3
4.Organizer : IranTours Group
5.Length of Tour : 3 Day(s)
6.Minimum Number of Tourists: 1 Person(s)
7.Maximum Number of Tourists: 10 Person(s)
8.Price(per person) : € 250 Euros
9.Including Costs : Everything; Transportation, Accommodation, Meals
10.Excluding Costs : -
11.Package Description

Three-Day Alamut Valley Hiking Tour


Tehran – Alamut – Zarabad Village – Tehran

Day 1. On your desired date, at your desired pick-up time but early in the morning, an Iranian tour operator picks you up from your hotel in Tehran and you’ll head directly to Zarabad village, located in the valley of Alamut where you’ll do your hiking tour.

- It’ll take you around 4 hours to reach the region and upon your arrival, you’ll check in at the traditional Seven Guesthouse in Alamut that is run by the very nice and hospitable Hosseinis. They’ll greet you with cups of relaxing herbal tea.

- You’ll eat your lunch at the guesthouse in Alamut and after a short break you’ll start your hiking tour to the beautiful orchards all around the village. You’ll enjoy the great water of Alamut’s springs, eat organic fruit, and visit a historic hill known as Hassan-Sara that is believed be one of the hideouts used by the legendary Hassan-i Sabbah and his assassins.

- Before it gets dark, you’ll head back to the village where you’ll visit Zarabad’s famous shrine and its sacred trees.

- You’ll eat a delicious homemade dinner at the guesthouse and sleep for the night.

Day 2. Hiking to Ovan Lake, visiting Haft-Cheshmeh Spring on the way, eating lunch around the lake, visiting other traditional villages around the lake and then heading back to Zarabad.

Day 3. You’ll have three options on this day and your guide will be open to your suggestions:

1. Walking along a river in the valley and visiting the beautiful Laat Waterfall in Zarabad.

2. Hiking in the mountains, studying, picking and trying the medical herbs all around the region.

3. Visiting the nomadic people up on the mountains

- In the afternoon of the third day, we’ll pick you up from the guesthouse and you’ll head back to Tehran

Note: The above tour includes all your costs on the tour; your transportation, your accommodation and your meals.


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