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How To Transfer Money to Iran - No Visa, No Master, No ATM

It happens quite commonly in Iran that the foreign tourists who travel to this country do not know they will not be able to get cash from ATMs in Iran. As a matter of fact, the debit or credit cards they bring here are good for nothing, unless they use them to scratch their heads as they look at the Iranian ATMs in a desperate mood. So, if it’s not possible to withdraw money at ATMs in Iran, how can foreign tourists receive cash in Iran from their bank accounts in their own countries or ask their friends or family to transfer money to Iran?

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Transfer Money To Iran

Transfer Money to Iran Through SevenHostels Group

One of the most unique services that SevenHostels Group offers to its clients is that we help them to transfer money to Iran and receive cash here in this country. The procedures are very simple and fast; first, the tourists let us know about the exact amount of money they need to withdraw from their bank account; second, using our PayPal accounts, we send them a payment request through their email addresses. Third, they take care of the payment using either their own PayPal account or their debit/credit cards. It should be noted that the tourists who are trying to make the payment requests in Iran should use VPN/Proxy because there is no access to PayPal in this country. Finally, we transfer 85% of the amount they send us in Iranian currency to their hotel in Iran to be delivered to them. But why do we deliver 85% of the money the tourists send us and why not all of it?

ATM, Iran

Transfer Money to Iran at 15% Commission

The reason we offer this service at 15% commission is that we lose at least 10% of the original amount in the process of transferring the money to Iran. How? 5% of the amount is taken by PayPal and we lose another 5% to turn the received PayPal balance into cash. So, totally speaking, we lose 10% of the original amount and make 5% profit in the process.

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1/30/2017 6:37:35 AM

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Isabelle on 11/6/2017
Hi Seven Hostel Team, I need to get money from my European bank account. This page suggests that you can help. I need to get 700€. Is this service still available? Greetings Isabelle

Thank You

Dear Isabelle

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Thank you very much for contacting us.

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Mr.Niknam:  989121774269

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