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Airport Visa in Iran; Requirements, Visa On Arrival Experience, Fees

There are many tourists who email us and ask us about the procedures of getting airport visa in Iran. The majority of them believe it's very difficult to get visa on arrival in Iran and so they go through all the hassle of filling forms at the Iranian embassies and get the visa for Iran in advance. To tell you the truth, except for some nationalities, getting the 30-day airport visa in Iran is a very simple experience and there are few countries that provide the tourists with airport visa upon arrival as fast as Iran with the least requirements and fees possible. Furthermore, it's very easy to extend this visa in Iran and stay for 2 more weeks in this country at the following address:

It's very close to the “Shahid Mofatteh” metro station (Line 1, red). Exit the metro and walk west along “Motahari Ave” (about 300 to 400 meters) till you get to the corner of “Kooh-e Noor St”. The Department for Extending visa in Iran is at that corner, you can’t miss it.

Airport Visa in Iran

The Requirements For Getting Visa on Arrival in Iran

The first thing you'll need to make sure about before boarding the plane with the plan of  getting the airport visa in Iran is that you are among the nationalities that are eligible for getting the visa on arrival in Iran. Tourists coming from The US, UK, Canada, Colombia, Somalia, Bangladesh, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India are NOT eligible to apply for airport visa at the international airports in Iran like IKIA. I did not mention the name of Israel in the list because as far as the Islamic Republic of Iran is concerned, this country does not exist and it's usually referred to as The Occupied Palestine. Second, you'll have to have a valid passport with at least 6 months left to its expiration date. Third, and most important of all, you'll need to have a valid confirmation for your accommodation at a hostel/hotel in Iran. This confirmation should necessarily include the contacts of that hostel/hotel because the officials at the airport will make a phone call to confirm your reservation info.

Iran Visa Experience, Visa Fees

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Iran Visa Experience and Fees

It is quite common that the visa officials at international airports ask about the tourists' occupation and also the purpose of their travel to Iran. As far as your occupation is concerned, you are recommended not to mention professions that systems like that of the Islamic republic tend to be sensitive about. So, if you're a journalist or a student studying political science, you're advised to introduce yourself as a teacher or a student of physics or something. Furthermore, only travelers with the purpose of visiting the country as tourists are eligible to apply for airport visa in Iran. As far as the visa fee is concerned, it varies according to the nationalities; but it ranges from 70 to 80 Euros. And also it's very interesting to know that officials issuing the passports do not bother to check whether you have a booked flight out of the country or not.

Iran Visa Requirements

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