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Tehran Metro Map Pdf

Tehran Metro Map, Pdf

Download Tehran Metro Map Pdf

Iran's capital, Tehran, is a vast crowded city in which traffic jams, especially in the rush hours, have become an everyday thing. The main means of public transportation in the city are Tehran Metro whose Pdf map cab be downloaded through the links above, and also Tehran BRT Buses. Both get really crowded during the rush hours and you'd have to push your way in and out of the wagons. So, if you are a foreign tourist riding Tehran Metro between 7-9 am or 5-7 pm, and your train has reached your destination, and you think by saying some nice "excuse me" Iranian people would open the way for you, you're absolutely wrong. You'll have to force yourself out! And believe me the people whom you push will not mind. They know this is how it works. Please don't get me wrong here, people from all the cities in Iran are super nice and to the tell you the truth, the friendly and kind people in Iran are the main reason that most of the foreign tourists who come here fall in love with this country and swear they'll be back for a second or a third trip. Anyway, the map we have provided here is a very special one because it comes with a list of tourist attractions in Tehran and other places you might need to go according to their distance from the metro stations. It's simple to use; first read the numbered items of the list to the bottom left, choose your destination and then find the number on the map. We will soon upload Tehran BRT Bus Lines Map, and also a very detailed text on Tehran Metro Lines and major stations. Tehran Metro Map, Pdf

Tehran Metro Map, Pdf   Tehran Metro Map, Pdf   Tehran Metro Map, Pdf   Tehran Metro Map, Pdf   Tehran Metro Map, Pdf

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