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Belonging to Isfahan Province in terms of territory, Kashan is one the most fascinating cities in Iran. This beautiful oasis city is often the second city visited by foreign tourists heading out of Tehran to the south. Archeological studies show that there has been civilization in this region from 9,000 years ago and the 7000-year-old Sialk Ziggurat in Kashan’s suburb bears witness to this truth.

Kashan , Hotels in Kashan

When to Go to Kashan?

Kashan is most beautiful in May when the rose fields are abloom and many people are engaged in the production of Golab i.e. rose distillate. Rose distillate, or rose water is one of the best souvenirs you can find in Iran. Put a teaspoon of the Iranian Golab in a glass water and drink it in the morning, and it’ll make your day.

Kashan , Hotels in Kashan

Kashan's History

Kashan’s origins date back to pre-historic ages to the Elamite Period in Iran 9000 years ago. This city has also been referred to as the hometown of The Three Wise Men who attended baby Jesus’s nativity in Bethlehem and presented him with the historic gifts, hence the custom of giving presents at Christmas in western countries. Kashan is also known for the unique architecture of its historic sights; it was during the reign of the Safavid Shahs that Baghe Fin (Fin Garden), as a perfect model of ancient Persian Gardens was established in this city. This magnificent garden, its amazing architecture and its orchards make you realize why the origins of the word paradise are found in Persian language.

Kashan , Hotels in Kashan

Kashan's Souvenirs

Aside form rose water that should be at the top of the list of the souvenirs you can buy in Kashan, the city is also famous for its exquisite style of pottery, and textile. In earlier years, Kashan was famous for the amazing tiles the city’s craftsmen produced and in fact the literal meaning of the city’s name i.e. Kashan is "the city of tiles".

Hotels in Kashan

Kashan offers you one of the most authentic styles of accommodation offered in Iran; while you would have to find lodging in modern and not very traditional hotels and hostels in big cities like Tehran and Isfahan, you can enjoy a memorable stay at traditional hostels and hotels in Kashan. There are in fact big historic houses that are now used as very popular accommodation facilities.

How to Go to Kashan?

There are frequent VIP buses leaving Tehran for Kashan. All you have to do is to go to Tehran’s Teminal Jonub (the southern bus terminal) that is easily accessible through Tehran’s metro line number 1(The Red Line).

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Kashan , Hotels in Kashan


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