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Ehsan Hostel in Kashan


Note: Please make sure read the Payment Details very carefully before making your reservation.

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Oh on 9/20/2017
Hi. My name is joowon oh. And i reserved room via this website. And i asked you about abyaneh tour on 28, sept . (30$) You said i should call the hostel's phone number before i arrive to arrange a taxi. But i think i can't call you because i didn't apply mobile roaming. So i wanna finalize my abyaneh taxi reservation now.

Thank You

Dear Oh

Comment Code: 3307


Thank you very much for contacting us

We check with Tours in Iran Group

You have reservation for the tour in Varzaneh :

 Booking Code: 246
- Full Name/s: Mr. Joowon Oh
- Nationality: Korea, South
- Your Desired Tour Package: Two-Day Varzaneh Desert Tour
- Including: Your transportation from any hotel in Isfahan to Varzaneh and back One night of accommodation at a guesthouse in Varzaneh Your meals.
- Excluding: -
- The Organizer of Your Tour: IranTours Group
- The Starting Date of Your Tour: 10/1/2017  �  (mm/dd/yyyy)
- The Length of Your Tour: 2
- Your Tour Package’s Rate: 100 USD per person
- The Amount Received by IranTours Group: 0
- Remaining: 100 USD
- Pick-up Address and Time: not clear yet.

Do you mean you want to arrange taxi from a Hostel or Hotel ?

Kind Regards


Golovchenko on 9/4/2017
Hello. Need a room for 2 people. 06.10.2017-07.10.2017. Male Shcherbinin Sergei, female Golovchenko Alevtina

Thank You

Dear Golovchenko

Comment Code: 3077


Thank you very much for contacting us.

Please make a reservation on the website and we will check the availability and get back to you.

In addition, you can find more information about the prices on our website.

The information in the following link will help you:

Kind Regards


WangFan on 7/29/2017
hello I plan to arrive on August 16, and have two nights in your hotel. I need a room with two beds. By the way, how much is the room two nights? Thank you for your reply.

Thank You

Dear WangFan

Comment Code: 2612


Thank you very much for contacting us.

Please make a reservation on the website and we will check the availability and get back to you.

You can find more information about our different services and prices in the "info" section.

Kind Regards


SOULE on 10/19/2016
i want a rent bed in Male Dorms (1 Guest) for 2 nights (between the 1er November and the 3 November). Thank you. C. SOULE
Admin: Hi, thank you very much for your interest. To get informed about the availability status of this accommodation facility you will have to either contact us through the website’s “Contact Us” menu, or make a reservation through the hostel/hotel’s reservation form and receive an immediate reply from us. This part of the website is meant only and only for reviews and comments.

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