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Memary Youth Hostel

Memary Youth Hostel in Kashan

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a youth hostel? A small place with a mass of noisy young people? Bunk beds and cigarette smoke everywhere? Well then you are in for a surprise when you set foot in Memary Youth Hostel in Kashan. Here you will see a 150-year-old beautiful historic mansion opening to a large courtyard with a palm tree and a fountain pool and floored by cobblestones. There are wooden seats around the fountain pool of this marvelous youth hostel in Kashan where you can sit and chat while enjoying the fresh nocturnal weather. If budget accommodation is what you are looking for, Mamary Hostel is one of your best options in Kashan. Memary Hostel’s booking is easily done online by entering your general information and clicking a few buttons. Cheap hostels similar to Memary abound in Kashan. These cheap hostels are newcomers in Iran’s hospitality industry, but that hasn’t stop them from turning into fierce competitors in Iran’s tourism scene. Kashan’s hostels are especially popular among backpackers and other budget travelers since they are known to be more fun than other cheap accommodations in Kashan. Hostels are great but they aren’t the only economy options in Iran’s accommodation sector. Some of Iran’s best budget hotels lie in Kashan. The cost of budget hotels in Kashan depends on their facilities and the distance from the major tourist attractions. As with most lodging facilities in Iran, Kashan hotels offer online booking services. One last type of accommodation that we would like to introduce here is traditional guesthouses that have a long history in Iran. Though slightly overshadowed by hostels and budget hotels, guesthouses are still the favorite lodge for many people in Kashan. Considering the huge wealth of Kashan’s accommodation options, nobody will worry about where to stay in Kashan.


All being said, let’s not forget our main topic here, Memary Hostel in Kashan. In what comes below, we will take a brief look at some of the amenities and facilities offered in this beautiful youth hostel.

Memary Hostel Amenities

Despite being a youth hostel, Memary Hostel is very well-equipped. All the seven rooms in the hostel have free WI-FI, adjustable air-conditioners and excellent heating systems. Breakfast is included in your room rates and is served in the restaurant of the hotel. The latter feature is indeed a great perk of Memary Hostel as you can hardly find a hostel with a restaurant in Kashan. You can also enjoy an outdoor barbecue in the serenity of the hostel’s yard. Memary Hostel doesn’t have a parking lot but that shouldn’t be a problem, since there are many public parking spaces nearby. Some of the other amenities in the hostel include a game room and also laundry service and facilities for luggage storage. One last thing we should mention about Memary Hostel is its wonderful management. The young people in charge of the hostel not only provide you with excellent service but also treat you to live music and night vibe of the hostel.


Memary Hostel Details

In the category of youth hostels, Memary Hostel is considered a classy one. It is a historic mansion with a huge yard and facilities that you won’t find in many hotels. It also gives you a decent number of choices on the type of rooms. You can opt for separate rooms or dorm rooms and Memary Hostel’s prices will vary accordingly. You can check out Memary Hostel’s photos for a better evaluation of the rooms and services offered in the hostel. After setting your mind on staying in the hostel, you can easily manage Memary Hostel’s reservation online or by telephone. One last advantage of the hostel is its superb location. You will find Memary Hostel’s address and location in the vicinity of Kashan’s old bazaar and many other historic attractions of the city. Thus, you won’t need a transport since most of the highlights are next door!




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