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Goharshad Mosque

Islam became the religion of the majority of Iranian in the wake of Arab invasion of Iran. Instead of viewing the imposed religion with antipathy, Iranian artists and masters made it into an inspiration for creating some of the most sublime works of human civilization. The structure and design of the form of Islamic mosque, saw a see change in the hands of Iranian miracle workers. Through unfathomably abstract rendering of religio-philosophical concepts in the body of paintings, tileworks, muqarnas, calligraphy and plasterworks they transported the viewers to a realm beyond the strife of the mundane world. One of the earliest instances of such epic monuments is Goharshad Mosque in Mashhad. Built at the beginning of the 15th century under the auspicious of Empress Goharshad (also known as queen Gauhar Shad and Goharshad Begum), the mosque was the result of the artistic collaboration of masters from all over Iran. Ghavameddin Shirazi, the chief architect of the mosque employed all the material and craft at his disposal to embellish the interior and also the iwans and the courtyard of Gawhar Shad Mosque, as it was formerly known. The mosque used to be regarded as separate religious building, but now it serves as one of the praying halls of the massive complex of Imam Reza Shrine; a complex that also includes the Tomb of Sheikh Bahai and a number of museums and religious schools. The glorious mosque has been at the center of many social and political upheavals during its long history. The most important of such events is undoubtedly Goharshad Mosque rebellion in 1935 when civilians protesting against the secular policies of the Pahlavi government were brutally massacred at the site of the mosque by the military forces of Reza Shah. The event widened the breach between the powerful Shia clergy and the monarchy; a breach that finally resulted in the revolution of 1979.


Goharshad Mosque

The collection of historic monuments, museums, seminaries and numerous courtyards and praying halls that constitute the prodigious area of Imam Reza Shrine are the most visited of Mashhad tourist attractions and the number-one spots of Mashhad day tours. Another reason of the popularity of the shrine and its surroundings is that most of Mashhad hotels lie in its vicinity, making it a convenient tourist spot. But the itinerary of Mashhad tours has much more to offer besides its unique religious monuments. Khorasan has a bountiful nature filled with snow-capped mountains and expansive green valleys. Shirbad and Chalidarreh are two of the most popular natural tourist attractions around Mashhad. Our concluding paragraphs will briefly introduce these amazing spots.

A. Chalidarreh

Chalidarreh is a popular region 34 km east of Mashhad. It includes a large lake around which there are various available services. People from all walks of life enjoy their time together with friends and family. One can go boating, fishing or enjoy an exciting chairlift ride in the heights of Chalidarreh. Others who want a real respite from the monotony of day-to-day life, can have an adrenaline rush in the bungee jumping center of Chalidarreh. Needless to say, the complex also provides the visitor with a unique culinary experience in its superb restaurant.




B. Shirbad Ski Resort

When the issue of skiing in Iran is broached, everyone speaks of the famous resorts around the capital. But people should know that there are more than twenty fantastic ski resorts scattered all around the country. One such marvelous site is Shirbad Ski Resort right at the foothills of Shirbad Mount the highest peak of Binaloud mountain ranges. Located 65 km away from Mashhad, Shirbad is one of the most popular meeting places of the athletic youths of Mashhad. The resort offers all you need to enjoy a day among the perpetual white of the mountains including ski lifts and rentals. The trip from your residence in Mashhad to the ski resort will cost between 20 to 25 USD. It is wise to plan a one-day trip as there aren’t any quality accommodation in the ski resort yet.


Shirbad Ski Resort

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