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2 People & 1 Day_Alamut

1.Tour’s Activities : Off-Road Tours
2.Tour’s Location : Alamut
3.Package Code : OAl21
4.Organizer : IranTours Group
5.Length of Tour : 1 Day(s)
6.Number of Tourists: 2 Person(s)
7.Price(for the whole tour package) : $ 150 US dollars
8.Including Costs : Your transportation
9.Excluding Costs : Your meals + Your entrance to the sights
10.Package Description

Iran Alamut Off-Road Tour

Our one-day Alamut tour packages in Iran take you to a mountainous region located at a distance of around 200 km from the capital Tehran. There are two major reasons that have made this tourist attraction very popular among the foreign tourists who travel to this country; first, Alamut Region's mountainous nature is breathtakingly beautiful (See the video below). Second, there are legendary historic sights in this region that have inspired thinkers and writers for many years and The Castle of Assassins is the most famous one of them.

Note: If other people book this tour package on the same day as you, the rate of the tour will be shared between you and those people.


Iran Alamut Tour

1. Our Iran off-road tour guide who is one the most professional tour guides in Iran and knows the mountains in the north of this country like the back of his hand will pick you up at 9 o'clock in the morning from your hotel in Tehran or any clear address in this city.

2. It will take you around 4 hours to get to the beautiful Ovan Lake in Alamut. There you will rest a bit and enjoy a cup of tea. After a short break, you will head off-road to Gazor Khan Village in which The Castle of Assassins is located. Gazor Khan Village is also known for its beautiful cherry orchards.

Iran Alamut Tour

3. After visiting the castle you'll head to Garmarud Village and will take an enchanting mountainous dirt-road called 3000 Road to Piche Bon where the ancient Piche Bon Caravanserai dating back to the Safavid Dynasty (500 years ago) is located. There, you'll have a great view from Mount Alam-Kuh that being 4848 m high is the second highest mountain in Iran after the majestic Mount Damavand.

Iran Alamut Tour

4. After visiting Piche Bon, you'll head all the way back to Tehran right to your hotel.

Note: This one-day Iran tour package does NOT include your meals and entrance to the historic sights. It includes only your transportation.

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