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Qom International Hotel

1.Types Of Room:
  • Private Single Rooms(Private Bathrooms) - €35(Price) per night
  • Private Double Rooms(Private Bathrooms) - €55(Price) per night
  • Private Twin Rooms(Private Bathrooms) - €55(Price) per night
  • Private 3-bed Rooms(Private Bathrooms) - €70(Price) per night
  • Private 4-bed Rooms(Private Bathrooms) - €85(Price) per night
  • 3-Bed Suites(Private Bathrooms) - €110(Price) per night
2. Close to Tourist Attractions
Boasting an amazingly beautiful style of architecture, Qom Jame Mosque is one of the many superb mosques in Iran.
Qom Great Timcheh is the most historic and the most beautiful part of the ancient Bazaar in Qom.
Imam Khomeini House is also a popular tourist attraction in the city of Qom visited by thousands of Iranian and foreign tourists every year.
Fatimah Masumeh Shrine is the most popular tourist attraction in the city of Qom in Iran and offers brilliant, awe-inspiring architecture.
3. Nearby Public Transportation :
Distance : meters
4. English Speaking Receptionist :
5. TV :
6. Restaurant :
7. Nearby Restaurant :
Distance :200 meters
8. Nearby Convenient Stores :
Distance :200 meters
9. Coffee Shop :
10. Heating :
11. Air Conditioning :
12. Organizing Iran Tours :
13. Hangout Area :
14. Yard :
15. Parking :
16. Slippers :
17. Towel :
18. Toiletries :
19. Taxi Service :
20. Pre-Payment Required :
You'll be asked to make the payment in advance to finalize a booking at this option.
21. Wi-Fi :
22. Free Breakfast :
23. Laundry :
Cost: 10 Euros

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ABDALI ALNAKAL on 7/4/2019
Salam, how are you. I like to stay at your hotel for 4 nights from 27-7-2019 to 30-7-2019 and I need to bedrooms each bedroom has 3 beds including breakfast. could you please inform me how much the room cost me per night. Thank you very much. Best Regard From Abdali Alnakal

Room Not Available


Inquiry Code: 15291



Thank you very much for your interest in our services, unfortunately there is NO availability on your desired dates at your desired option. 

Kind Regards

Seven Hostels Group

Abbas on 3/24/2019
The outside and interior looks can be deceiving. The rooms are well below standard, not even a 3 star. Bathrooms are substandard with leaks and floods even after we moved. The Hotel staff are shockingly rude and not helpful although not all of them are like this. Check out was permitted until 2pm and my aunty (elderly) stayed over until 3pm as she was waiting for the baggage man to come who hadn’t come. She is elderly and instead of being welcoming the Cashier man told us he stayed over his shift just so he can have this argument with us and wanted extra money for half day room in return for our passports. Ridiculous!! His tone was shocking and he asked us to “call the police or do whatever you want”. This is not how to talk to your guests let alone treat them for an extra stay of 1 hour. This isn’t a 4 star hotel. Rooms are 2 star maximum. Holding us ransom for an overstay of one hour - Appalling behaviour! I couldn’t care less about the money but how on earth can he get away with talking to me and my wife.

Thank You

Dear Abbas

Comment Code: 11974


We are so sorry to hear about your bad experience , and thank you for sharing your feedback with us . 

Kind Regards

 Sevenhostels Group

Gurdak on 1/30/2019
I need one room for three people from 23.04.19 to 24.04.19.Is it possible and what it the price.

Room Not Available

Dear Wiesław Gurdak

Inquiry Code: 10401



Thank you very much for your interest in our services,  Unfortunately it's too soon to make your reservation there. It is some of the hotels/hostels' policy to accept reservations only within one months prior to your check-in date, and your desired option is one of them. So, please come back to us later.

Kind Regards

Seven hostels Group

Jan on 7/4/2018
I need a room for husband and wife. Is there any room fra 05.07.2018 ??

Room Available

Dear Jan

Inquiry Code: 6990



Thank you very much for your interest in our services. At the moment, there is availability on your desired dates. Please refer to the link below and make your reservation. We'll get back to you very soon (within less than 12 hours).

Kind Regards