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Qom Great Timcheh

You shouldn’t leave Qom without visiting the Great Timcheh of Qom’s Bazaar. Nowhere in the world equals the sublimity of Iranian covered bazaars and Great Timcheh in the bazaar of Qom is one of the finest examples of this ancient Iranian tradition. Timcheh is a roofed hall in Iranian bazaars comprised of a couple of shops dedicated to the sale of a particular set of items. The most famous instance of Timcheh is Mozzafarieh in the bazaar of Tabriz which is the main center for the sale of hand-woven carpets in the city. There are many timchehs in the bazaar of Qom, but this particular one is historically and culturally significant. Similar to Mozzafarieh, Great Timcheh of Qom is the main trade center of Qom’s world-famous silk carpets. The supreme beauty of these silk artworks will leave anyone speechless. But the fine artistry of Qom’s carpet weavers is just one part of Timcheh’s glory. The majesty of the traditional architecture has turned the Great Timcheh of Qom into a museum of Iranian art of the 17th century. The mastermind behind this creation has designed three domes each excelling the others in beauty and splendor. People working under these glorious domes present their merchandise to the bewitched eyes of the customers. If you are intrigued by the information above, book a place for yourself in our Qom day tours. And the good news is that in the course of our Qom tours, you will visit the best of Qom’s tourist attractions. The beautiful golden dome of Fatima Masumeh Shrine and the grandeur of Qom Jame’ Mosque are on the top of the list. The tragic life of Prophet Mohammad’s lineage is a major source of religious inspiration for Muslims. You can see the power of faith in the tearful eyes of the pilgrims in Fatima Masumeh Shrine. They pray for the souls of their deceased and beg for a blessing from the Islamic saints under the golden dome of the shrine. Imam Khomeini House in Qom is another historic site in our tour. Ruhullah Khomeini is a respected figure in the world. Even his detractors would agree that his charisma and political leadership were major factors in the Islamic Revolution of 1979. He spent many years of his life in exile. But he made his forceful speeches from the pulpit in the city of Qom where he lived and taught. His old house in Safaiyeh district in Qom is a building in the style of Qajar houses. It is a National Heritage Site and is visited widely by his followers and people interested in Iranian modern history. This was a summary of our one-day tour of Qom. If you would like to spend more than a day in Qom, the great range of hotels and hostels will offer you their comfy rooms and superb service. The great thing about Qom's hotels is that most of them are located around the city’s major tourist attraction. After a full day of touring in Qom, nothing is more relaxing than sipping herbal tea while admiring the view of the Fatima Masumeh Shrine from your cozy hotel room.

Great Timcheh of Qom

Fatima Masumeh Shrine



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