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Payment Details

Immediately after receiving your reservation we will contact your desired hotel/hostel to check their availability status and will get back to you with a confirmation (within less than 12 hours) whose correctness of the details you should confirm as soon as possible. Otherwise your booking code will not be valid. As far as the payment is concerned, It'll be made upon your arrival at the hostel/hotel.


1. There are few hotels on our website for which we'll ask you to make a prepayment to finalize your reservation. These hotels are marked as "Pre-payment required" on their info page. Please make sure you set the reservation dates very carefully because the payments for such hotels are nonrefundable.

2. As for Iran tours, the payments are received in cash by your Iranian tour guide at the end of the tour. But if your tour includes accommodation at a hotel, your guide will ask you for the payment upon arrival at the hotel.

3. Please make your reservation only and only if you are sure you'll be staying with us on those dates. Otherwise you'll make other tourists lose the chance of accommodation here.



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