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Shemshak Hotel in Shemshak

Shemshak Hotel - Shemshak Ski Resort

If we make a list of the most popular ski resorts in Iran, Dizin Ski Resort, Shemshak Ski Resort, and Darbandsar Ski Resort are the most famous and the most popular ones. Dizin (the greatest one) is separated from the other two by a short road which is always closed in winters. So, Dizin resort and its hotel i.e Dizin Hotel are reached through Chalus road and it'll take one around 3 hours to get there from Tehran. On the other hand, Shemshak and Darbandsar Resorts, and their nearest hotel i.e. the 3-star Shemshak Hotel are reached through another road going out of Tehran called Lashgarak Road. And It'll take one around an hour and half to reach this region. Now, Shemshak being less far from Tehran is maybe the main reason that nowadays many Tehranis opt for Shemshak Ski Resort and Shemshak Hotel which is very close to it.

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Shemshak Hotel

Shemshak Hotel

Shemshak Hotel and Darbandsar Ski Reosrt

Another reason that might make the ski lovers opt for Shemshak Resort rather than Dizin is that while by staying at Dizin Hotel you can ski at the amazing Dizin Resort, by staying at Shemshak Hotel you can not only ski at Shemshak Resort, but also at Darbandsar Ski Resort which has become really popular among the fashionable Tehrani youth. The neat rooms at Shemshak Hotel offer a great view of the mountains around and the its chic coffee shop and common area are just perfect from meeting warm Iranian people.

Shemshak Hotel


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