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Arian Apartment Hotel in Shiraz

Arian Apartment Hotel in Shiraz

Shiraz, the abode of the great masters of Persian Language, the bounteous land of vineyards and orange blossoms and the seat of the most redoubtable kings in history, is a city with many faces. It is for discovering the secrets of this ancient city that Shiraz is inescapably a part of every visitor’s itinerary in Iran. Bearing in mind the unparalleled popularity of Shiraz with domestic and international tours, high quality and wide variety of accommodation facilities are key factors in promoting the city’s tourism industry. So, the first issue to consider is where to stay in Shiraz. The people of Shiraz are known for their gregariousness and unremitting care for travelers. This is nowhere better reflected than Shiraz’s whopping diversity of guesthouses, hotels and hostels. You will find prime instances of these warm and sociable people among the staff of Shiraz hotels where you will be received properly. But the lodging centers in Shiraz aren’t limited to fancy hotels. There are many great apartment hotels, hostels and guesthouses in Shiraz with standard service and amenities for a much lesser price. Arian Apartment Hotel in Shiraz is one such cheap hotels in this city and one of the best economy hotels in Iran with some of the perks of luxury hotels like online booking services, private rooms, ample parking space and lobby as well as other facilities such as pools, gyms and cafés. The rooms are fully furnished and the kitchens are equipped with fridges and stoves where you can store and cook food.

Arian Apartment Hotel in Shiraz

Arian Apartment Hotel in Shiraz

Shiraz Tours

Shiraz, Isfahan and Yazd tours are the most popular tours in Iran. Tours of Shiraz include many packages such as Shiraz sightseeing tours and Persepolis tours all of which are day tours. One can choose between or take both city tours and Persepolis tours that include a visit to Necropolis starting from Shiraz city.


Shiraz Travel Guides

To explore the multifarious tourist spots of Shiraz a paper travel guide might not be enough since travel guides in the form of brochures only lead you to your destinations. However, they is much help when it comes to contacting local people. Direct communication with people is a priority for many foreign travelers who come to Shiraz and considering the language burden they need the help of a native English-speaking tour guide. Most of our Iran tour guides are from the local population and Shiraz tour guides aren’t exceptions. Much in the spirit of their fellow citizens, our Shiraz tour guides are extremely sociable people who speak good English and are fully acquainted with every aspect of Shiraz.


Shiraz, Iran Points of Interest

Similar to all tourist destinations in Iran, upon reaching Shiraz you will be equipped with a tourist map of the city. And if you are more comfortable by having Shiraz map on your phone, you can easily download PDF versions of Shiraz and Iran maps. Shiraz renders a wide array of attractions to the visitors. The most visited of these places are Persepolis and Eram Garden in Shiraz.



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Arian Apartment Hotel in Shiraz

Arian Apartment Hotel in Shiraz

Arian Apartment Hotel in Shiraz

Aryan Apartment Hotel in Shiraz   Aryan Apartment Hotel in Shiraz   Aryan Apartment Hotel in Shiraz  

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Groeneveld on 12/20/2017
Hi, we will visit Shiraz from the 26th to the 29th of march 2018. We will be 2 couples (4 persons). Are there two rooms available and how much does it cost? Best regards, Fenja

Please Specify

Dear Fenja

Inquiry Code: 5247

Unfortunately your message does not specify which hotel/hostel you are inquiring about. Would you please specify?


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