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Homa Hotel in Shiraz

Map & Address

GPS Coordinate: 29.627071, 52.540767

Address In English:
Homa Hotel in Shiraz, Next to Azadi Park, Gaz Sq, Shiraz

Address In Farsi:
شیراز، میدان گاز، جنب پارک آزادی، هتل هما شیراز

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En on 3/31/2019
hi, we need two single rooms for two night from April 10th to April 12th. Please provide a price. Thanks.

Prepayment Required

Dear En

Inquiry Code: 12296


There are few hotels on our website for which we'll ask you to make a prepayment to finalize your reservation and your desired option is one of them. These hotels are marked as "Pre-payment required" in their info page. So, you can now refer to and make your reservation at this hotel, or simply choose another one that does not require prepayment. Please note that the payments for prepayment-required hotels are nonrefundable.


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SevenHostels Group

San on 4/4/2018
we need 2 rooms including 2 rooms

Room Available

Dear numan san

Inquiry Code: 6233



Thank you very much for your interest in our services,at the moment there is availability on your desired dates. Please refer to the link below and make your reservation. We'll get back to you very soon (within less than 12 hours).
Kind Regards

Yu on 2/13/2018
A room of 2 persons for April 9 check in to April 12 check out. Please advise the availability and room rate in Euro. Thank you!

Thank You

Dear Yu

Comment Code: 5617


Thank you very much for contacting us.

It is some of the hotels/hostels' policy to accept reservations only within one month/s prior to your check-in date, and your desired option is one of them. So, please come back to us later.

Kind Regards