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Keyvan Hotel in Shiraz


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Farnlacher on 3/15/2020
Hello, is your Hotel still in service or closed due to corona? We will arrive by bike in a few days and would need a double room for three nights. Many greetings, Manuel and Stefanie

Thank You

Dear Farnlacher

Comment Code: 22349


Thanks for your interest in using our services.

Unfortunately, the hotel is closed due to Coronavirus. 

Hope to see you in another time.

Kind Regards,


Iran Seven Group

Pierrick on 11/2/2019
Salam, my booking number is 49829. Could you arrange me a transfer from Shiraz airport to the hotel ? I will arrive on the flight from Bandar Abbas, departure at 20:45. So if possible I think I can meet the driver at the airport at 22:15. Thanks and regards.

Thank You

Dear Pierrick

Comment Code: 18984


Thank you very much for contacting us . Reception will contact you to arrange you a pick up .

Kind Regards


Iran seven Group

Bombawfx on 6/15/2019
I just arrived and checked-in but I have to give positive review at now. I write reviews not so often - only when I am very impressed. In short it is good, modern, customer oriented, honest hotel in very good price. I arrived without reservation but nice woman in reception checked rooms and there was expected room. I could see room before final decision what is a very big plus. Price for room was very good. Another positive surprise were prices for extras in the fridge and in hotels coffeebar. In this hotel you not overpay for everything. For accomodation you get value for reliable money. If you use extra services you pay the real market price without big commission like usually in hotels worldwide. I will recommend this hotel to everybody :)

Thank You


Comment Code: 14757


Thank you very much for your feedback. We really appreciate it.

Kind Regards


Aleksandr on 4/16/2019
Salam! I have reserved (453670) Keyvah hotel and resived auto Confirm. Please, send me Confirm of reserve to my e-mail with both names of guests for shure in getting visas on border in Airport. Thank you, Tatiana.

Service Available

Dear Aleksandr

Inquiry Code: 12909



Thank you very much for your interest in our services.

We have sent you the confirmation.  

Kind Regards

SevenHostels Group