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Laleh Kandovan Rocky Hotel

Kandovan Village

Driving thirty-five miles from Tabriz to Kandovan through a serpentine road tearing the rocky flesh of the mountain ranges, one is confronted with an extraordinary spectacle. Standing tall at the heart of Sahand mountain, here is the historical Kandovan village. Kandovan village is the only manmade rocky village in Iran and the only inhabited of its kind in the world (Cappadocia in Turkey is uninhabited). More than 160 families who live in the hive-formed (hence the name Kanovan, hives) stone houses of the village support themselves by farming, stockbreeding as well as selling some of their local production of rugs, honey, nuts and herbs. On top of that the visitors never miss a sip from the rejuvenating healing water of Kandovan village spring while having the time of their lives in the luxury Laleh Kandovan Rocky Hotel.

Laleh Kandovan Rocky Hotel Reservation

Laleh Kandovan Rocky Hotel

Laleh Kandovan Rocky Hotel

Laleh Kandovan Rocky Hotel in Tabriz

Among the numerous hotels in Tabriz and its vast area one is particularly worth mentioning and that is Laleh Kandovan Rocky Hotel in the village of Kandovan near the town of Osku. Laleh Kandovan Hotel is one of the hotels in the chain of Laleh Hotels in Iran and is the second one after Kaya Laleh Hotel in Tabriz. Known by many names including the erroneous Kandovan Iran Cave Houses, Kandovan is made of a set of unique and stunning architectural structures. Kandovan Laleh Hotel invites the visitors to have an experience of the unblemished primitiveness of this colossal edifice while enjoying the healing touch of its spring water in their private Jacuzzis. Furthermore, the visitors can enjoy the delicacy of the local and international cuisine amidst the cool breeze of the mountains in the elegant restaurant of Kandovan Laleh Hotel.

Laleh Kandovan Rocky Hotel


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Laleh Kandovan Rocky Hotel   Laleh Kandovan Rocky Hotel   Laleh Kandovan Rocky Hotel   Laleh Kandovan Rocky Hotel

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