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Homa Hotel in Tehran

Homa Hotel in Tehran

Belonging to the chain of 5 star Homa Hotels in Iran, Homa Hotel in Tehran is surely one of the most luxurious hotels in Tehran. At this moment that this introduction is being written, March 2017, there are 4 other 5 star hotels in Iran that belong to Homa Hotels Group. There is Homa Hotel in Shiraz, Homa Hotel in Bandar Abbas, Homa Hotel in Mashhad 1, and Homa Hotel in Mashhad 2. The location of Homa Hotel in Tehran is not very central, but it’s located very near to Valiasr Street which is a famous and beautiful street in Iran’s capital. Valiasr street connects the north of this vast city to its south and offers very frequent Tehran BRT buses that help you reach the Metro in Tehran as well.

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Homa Hotel in Tehran

Homa Hotel in Tehran

Homa Hotel in Tehran

Facilities and Services at Homa Hotel in Tehran

Homa Hotel in Iran’s capital, formerly known as Sheraton Hotel in Tehran, is a tall building in 15 floors. The rooms whose windows open to the north, offer a great view of the Majestic Alborz Mountains (See the pictures below). The whole ground floor offers a stylish lobby furnished by furniture that are very comfortable. There is also a coffee shop at the lobby and so the hotel’s lobby is a great place for meeting Iranian people. The green yard to the south of the building is perfect for a leisurely stroll. There is also a lawn tennis in this yard which is not the only recreation facility at this hotel in Tehran; there is an indoor swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, bodybuilding equipment, etc. Furthermore, there are three restaurants at Homa Hotel in Tehran that offer a good menu from both Persian and western cuisine.

Note: Homa Hotel in Tehran Sponsors You to Get Your Iran Visa On Arrival.

Homa Hotel in Tehran

Homa Hotel in Tehran


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Homa Hotel in Tehran   Homa Hotel in Tehran   Homa Hotel in Tehran   Homa Hotel in Tehran

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