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4 People & 2 Days_Garmeh Village

1.Tour’s Activities : Traditional Villages Tours
2.Tour’s Location : Garmeh
3.Package Code : TraV42
4.Organizer : IranTours Group
5.Length of Tour : 2 Day(s)
6.Number of Tourists: 4 Person(s)
7.Price(for the whole tour package) : $ 500 US dollars
8.Including Costs : Your transportation from any hotel in Isfahan to Garmeh village and back + One night of accommodation at a guesthouse in Garmeh + Your meals.
9.Excluding Costs : -
10.Package Description

Iran Garmeh Village Tours

Iran Garmeh village tours take you on a two-day-and-one-night tour to Garmeh in Isfahan province. This beautiful desert oasis is located at a distance of around 400 km to the east of Isfahan city. In recent years, there have been an ever-growing interest among foreign tourists to take a tour to Iran and enjoy the authentic desert life experience offered in Garmeh. The village owes a lot of its fame to a very interesting character called Maziar Aledavood. He started Ateshooni Guesthouse in Garmeh by renovating his ancient ancestral home, and it was from then that Garmeh and the beautiful sand deserts around it such as Mesr Desert became popular desert spots.

Iran Garmeh Village Tours

Iran Garmeh Village Tours

1. Unlike our Iran Maranjab Desert tours that start from Tehran, our Garmeh village tours start from Isfahan. So, at your desired pickup time in the morning, our professional Iranian tour operator picks you up in a private car from your hotel in Isfahan. It'll take you around 5 hours to reach Garmeh, so by the time you arrive at the oasis you'll be pretty tired.

Iran Garmeh Village Tours

Iran Garmeh Village Tours

2. You'll be accommodated at a guesthouse in Garmeh to rest a bit and eat lunch. And then you'll be taken around the village for sightseeing. You'll observe the lifestyle of the village people, visit the ruins of a Sassanid Fort, will walk through the date palm trees, will visit the pond, etc.

Iran Garmeh Village Tours

3. After watching the desert sunset, you'll go back to the guesthouse to eat dinner and sleep for the night. Early in the morning of the next day, you'll head towards Iran Mesr Desert to do some camel riding, walk on and around the sand dunes, and visit the salt lake.

4. You'll head back to Isfahan around sunset and your Iran tour guide will take you to your hotel or any clear address in the city.

5. This Iran tour package includes all your costs on this trip i.e. your transportation, your accommodation and your meals.

Note: The accommodation facilities at all the guesthouses in the village are basic, but you can be sure the warmth and intimacy of the hosts make up for the missing luxury.

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- Please make sure you read Iran Tours booking details and in case of further questions contact us through Iran Tours Contacts.

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