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Backpack Hostel in Yazd

Map & Address

GPS Coordinate: 31.894095, 54.369897

Address In English:
Backpack Hostel, Amir Chakhmaq Square, Yazd, Iran

Address In Farsi:
ایران، یزد، میدان امیرچخماق، اقامتگاه کوله پشتی

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LEROY on 4/26/2019
Hi, could you please confirm my booking #46587 ? ( 3 nights : April 27-30th) Regards,

Thank You


Comment Code: 13323


Thank you very much for contacting us. Your reservation is confirmed.

Kind Regards

 Sevenhostels Group

Fiorini on 12/2/2018
Hi there! I'm planning to come to Yazd tomorrow, by train. I don't know at what time i'll be in town. Do you do free transport from the train station if i book a room in your hostel? (even if i book a bed in the dorm?!) Thanks for any information Sofia

Room Available

Dear Chiudinelli Fiorini

Inquiry Code: 9173



Thank you very much for your interest in our services. At the moment, there is availability on your desired dates. Also, we provide free transport services. 

Please refer to the link below and make your reservation. You'll receive a confirmation instantly.

Kind Regards

Seven Hostels Group