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Hotels in Iran
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Orient Hostel in Yazd


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Orsi on 8/2/2017
Hi. We are a family with 3 adults and 1 child 11 years old. We need stay 3 nights: check-in saturday August 5 and check-out August 8. Please send me mail to confirm. I want to book a four beds room with private bathroom. Thanks a lot.

Thank You

Dear Orsi

Comment Code: 2653


Thank you very much for contacting us.

Please make a reservation on the website and we will check the availability and get back to you.

Kind Regards


cao guangqi on 2/25/2017
I want bo book a double room on 2 Mar with 2 gusts.

Just Comments

Dear Mr/Ms. Friend

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Thank you very much for your interest in our services. But the section you used to ask your question is meant only for comments and reviews. Please refer to the contact us menu on our website and ask your question there.

Kind Regards

Kathrin Krause on 10/17/2016
Hey there, I would like to reserve to beds. Do you have private rooms as well or just dorms? In case you have private rooms, I would like to reserve one from till 21th for two persons. Orherwise we would take ine bad each in a man and female dorm. looking forward to a positive reply, Kathrin
Admin: Hi, thank you very much for your interest. To get informed about the availability status of this accommodation facility you will have to either contact us through the website’s “Contact Us” menu, or make a reservation through the hostel/hotel’s reservation form and receive an immediate reply from us. This part of the website is meant only and only for reviews and comments.

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