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Pardisan Hostel in Yazd

Pardisan Hostel in Yazd

Beautiful mud houses with wind catchers on top of them, with winding alleys and a lot of attractions with soulful beauties are awaiting every traveler’s step in the city of Yazd. This vibrant city in the very heart of Iran has a lot in store, not just inside the city, but outside in the desert where there is a sky full of trillions of stars, a sparkling maddening ocean, an infinite solace and silence only to be broken with the sound of your breath.

Pardisan hostel in Yazd offers cheap clean and comfortable private double/twin/triple, four-bed rooms and also beds in dormitory. There are two branches to this hostel in Yazd. Branch one is located at Markar square which is a 5-minute walk to the city center and the main tourist attractions in Yazd such as Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Jameh Msoque of Yazd, Alexaner’s Prison, etc. The second branch is on Imam street, Khaje Khezr Alley, much nearer and almost in the city center. Each of the branches has traditionally designed hangout area. This Budget accommodation in Yazd offers free day tours plus bikes to lend for free cycling tours.

Pardisan Hostel team also offers astrology tours to the very heart of the desert from 9 pm to 1 am. On these tours you will be observing planets with professional telescopes to get familiar with the night sky map.


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Pardisan Hostel in Yazd

Pardisan Hostel in Yazd

Pardisan Hostel in Yazd

Pardisan Hostel in Yazd


Pardisan Hostel in Yazd   Pardisan Hostel in Yazd   Pardisan Hostel in Yazd   Pardisan Hostel in Yazd


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go on 11/29/2017
how far is train station to your hostel?

Service Available

Dear go

Inquiry Code: 5063



Thank you very much for your interest in our services. 

Our hostel is located 2 kilometres far from train station. After you make a reservation on the website and finalize your reservation, you can contact the hotel's number to reserve free pickup taxi to the hotel.

Please refer to the link below and make a reservation.We'll get back to you very soon (within less than 12 hours).

Kind Regards

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