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Silver Guesthouse in Yazd

1.Types Of Room:
  • Mixed Dorms - €10(Price) per night
  • Private Single Rooms(Private Bathrooms) - €37(Price) per night
  • Private Double Rooms(Private Bathrooms) - €50(Price) per night
  • Private Twin Rooms(Private Bathrooms) - €50(Price) per night
  • Private 3-bed Rooms(Private Bathrooms) - €66(Price) per night
  • Private 4-bed Rooms(Private Bathrooms) - €76(Price) per night
2. Close to Tourist Attractions

Guesthouse in Yazd

Yazd's Unique Architecture


Guesthouse in Yazd

Jameh Mosque


Guesthouse in Yazd

Ancient Fire Temples


Guesthouse in Yazd

Amir Chakhmaq Complex


Guesthouse in Yazd

Water Museum


3. Nearby Public Transportation :
Distance : meters
4. English Speaking Receptionist :
5. TV :
6. Restaurant :
7. Nearby Restaurant :
Distance :20 meters
8. Nearby Convenient Stores :
Distance :20 meters
9. Coffee Shop :
10. Free Drinks :
Type of the Drink :Tea
11. Kitchen :
12. Heating :
13. Air Conditioning :
14. Organizing Iran Tours :
15. Hangout Area :
16. Yard :
17. Parking :
18. Slippers :
19. Towel :
20. Toiletries :
21. Taxi Service :
22. Wi-Fi :
23. Free Breakfast :
24. Laundry :
Cost: 5 Euros

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Mesquita on 11/22/2017
I'd like to stand that I've had an amazing time in silver guesthouse, extremely clean, comfortable, amiable people, hidden inside the old town, two minutes walk from Alexander's prison and eight minutes walk from masjed-e jameh (if you don't get lost in the mazes of yazd) and with the best breakfast I've had in Iran. I definitely recommend.

Thank You

Dear Mesquita

Comment Code: 4109


Thank you very much for your feedback. We really appreciate it.

Kind Regards


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